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A New Pandemic of Love Has Arrived and Here You Can’t Use a Mask




In this new Land of Love …

There are no masks, because there are no egos or lies to hide

There are no medical illnesses or vaccines, because we learn to speak to every cell in our body and to balance our emotions and feelings

There are no fears, because we trust and know that we only attract what we vibrate

There are no accidents, because everything is synchronous and a bigger law happens

There are no deaths, just a dimension passage and a continuation of our eternal journey through the cosmos

There are no gurus governments or impositions, because we are conscience and freedom

There are no conspiracies, wars or intrigues, because we know that we are the creator of our own reality

There are no distances or separations, because you and I are one

Open your heart, choose the best version of yourself and don’t let this new Land of Love pass by!

 Courtesy: Cibele Ser Cristal

“If you want to discover the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration!” – Nikola Tesla

Bashar – “2020 is Going to be CRAZY!” A Message & Advice from 2019! Darryl Anka Explains

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Facilitated by Higher Journeys, Alexis Brooks:

After nearly 40 years of channeling Bashar, Darryl Anka talks for the first time about the message that Bashar brought through in December of 2019 that presaged what we are ALL going through right now. “Remain in the eye of the storm,” he advised. But what storm? We didn’t know at the time, but now, as our timeline has unfolded, Bashar’s wisdom is omnipresent and we need to heed his message. In this EXCLUSIVE interview with Higher Journeys, Darryl explains the philosophy behind the message and the steps ahead that we need to be taking as we now find ourselves AT the precipice…the crossroad. We are HERE! GOOD NEWS…if you remain IN the eye of the storm, where it’s calm, you WILL be in just the right place at this time. But how do we get there? Darryl (and Bashar) explain!