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Announcement of Live Essassani Channeling – Bori

You can find the following info through FB; look for a post by Linus Kordes on public FB Group Bashar Channeled by Darryl Anka:


Hi there! Now on Saturday evening at 9.30PM Swedish time i am hosting a live Q/A with Bori ”First Contact Specialist” from Essassani at Zoom for free. You’re then welcome to ask any questions of your own choice. The Zoom link will be posted in comment section below.

And also the first 10 people that contact me via Facebook/Messenger will got a 45 minutes free session with Bori.

With the warmest greetings, Linus.

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Riok – Essassani – Past and Future Lives, July 12, 2019

Channeled by: Tyler Ellison

Riok talks about using love to access our higher selves, and how this can help us to connect the dots that add up to a greater context of who we are on a soul level.

From this point of view we can begin to see our simultaniously running past and future lives, as well as different parallel realities related to our collective history,

and our collective future:

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Riok – Essassani – Energy Update July 8, 2019

Channeled by: Tyler Ellison

Channeled Sassani Being Riok describes our current enegries in relationship to open contact, and some of the new energies available to us, due to the solidifcation of our most recent timeline shift. Riok also talks about how we can use our imagination to connect more deeply to extraterrestials, simply by knowing that we ourselves are alien: