A Communication with Elan | Kayel – 2 Sassani Beings



4 thoughts on “A Communication with Elan | Kayel – 2 Sassani Beings

  1. Thanks for posting this video! I wonder what happened to Mike who channels Kayel, he hasn’t posted any new videos since last year and did not reply to a message I sent. I hope he is OK. I followed and commented on all his videos, it is so nice to hear the Sassanis through different channelers, it gives different “flavors” of them. 🙂 We need more Sassani channelers! 🙂

  2. I’d also like to thank you for sharing this video. Sounded like this channel’s name is Michael (in the beginning of the video). I’m wondering if Bashar is the same as Elan? I’ve heard Darryl say that Bashar was a given name early in his channeling experience. Elan sure has the same speaking patterns – words, phrases, inflections. And maybe I missed the information out there and am the last to learn. LOL.

    I was looking around Youtube and found Ocyphius channeler Roxanne Swainhart also channel Elan and some same patterns are recognizable from Bashar’s style.

    Just curious. I love the information from whoever the channel is. I have listened to Darryl for years and have total trust in and love for him and Bashar. To me they are the best teachers ever. I’m really curious about how these things work with different channels of the same being. I know it happens a lot with archangels and ascended masters. Just never heard another channel for Darryl’s Bashar. Love to all.

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