Bashar – Fall 2016 Everything will Change



7 thoughts on “Bashar – Fall 2016 Everything will Change

  1. Thanks, cool video! I am wondering about something: by “Fall of 2016”, is it meant fall as the season, or fall as in “falling down”… Because personally, I have already experienced a major fall in the first week of January, a fall in consciousness, where everything indeed did change, within and without. I call it “my fall of 2016”, and it came right on the heels of an incredible acceleration and expansion. I certainly don’t wish this kind of fall to anyone. Anyways, after this extreme experience, what Bashar said about expansion and contraction, and fall of 2016, started taking on a new meaning for me.

  2. That sounds like a dramatic experience. I hope you have landed somewhat in calmer waters? I experienced a change somewhere mid January, from chaos to calm and it’s quite a bliss.

    • Wow, great to hear that, Flora! 🙂

      Yes I am back to where I was months ago now, calm waters, or so it seems. Sadly, the days of carefree playfulness and fearlessly following my excitement are gone. It was such an awesome time and state to be in. I don’t know what happened then and what to think anymore. But hey, I stay in the moment and we’ll see what happens…

      • Cool video, thanks! 🙂 Yes I did experience mind-blowing syncs non-stop last year, energy rushes through my body, blissful states, etc… and that was exhilarating, I was certain that was a 5th dimension experience, until my mind couldn’t follow anymore early January and blew up. It became a disaster, something looking like a psychotic breakdown. I am glad to be back in the ‘regular’ slow reality now, actually still can’t believe I made it back in one piece, mind-wise. After the initial immense gratitude came outrage that following my excitement willy-nilly had resulted in so much emotional upheaval and madness. And yes, I did see spaceships and all kinds of things, yet I was perfectly aware I was not in the regular reality, likely insane, possibly dead and lost in the bardo. That’s definitely been shaking my foundations.

      • Cool! Thanks for sharing. Anyone else wanting to share their experiences, if any? 🙂

  3. I can relate to Karin’s experience, for all the bliss and synchronicity I experienced for about 6months from June last year. This came along after a period of where I lost everything material wise as well as my personality, myself. I didn’t know who I was or what I liked for some time in my life after a very abusive marriage of about 8years. So when I plucked up enough courage to escape this ordeal and after allot of healing a tremendous amount of bliss entered my life. So much gratitude, love, appreciation, focus and happiness; flooded my my body and mind I could burst of joy! It was the small things in life that triggered these bursts. Experiencing colours, fresh air, water, touch, nature, freedom, time…the list goes on in a very in a simple yet complex way…. Really just pure joy. It was amazing and sometimes I get bursts again, only now I also get bursts of extremely difficult emotions which I haven’t dealt with, but trying to now. Self love usually is the answer for me. Thanks for the blog!

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