Greetings from São Paulo, Brazil

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s paulo


This is the city I live today, and here I´ve been meeting all the interior masters I have ever dreamed of.

Thanks to you Essassani friends, who opened my soul for that new life.
When I moved to this huge city, I had the chance to see the contrasts of my life and finally observe myself from inside, choose the best and find some inner peace, as you teach.

Now I can live in any place, I don’t feel the need to move because of the circumstances of the world outside anymore.

Now I understand that anywhere I go, I’ m taking myself as well, and that was the problem… Not anymore!
And I feel thankful for this.
Here I could find myself.
This is Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America, Portuguese language, the biggest and most troubled city in the country.

Hope I can feel you more and more, and maybe in this life, see you.
I love your messages and find myself part of your family line.
Best wishes for all.


One thought on “Greetings from São Paulo, Brazil

  1. Beautiful country and beautiful sharing!
    Thank you!

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