Invitation for Participation



I hope you all are well!

It has been a while since I last posted and I’m a bit surprised that the Essassanilibrary is still visited by quite a number of people.

After all the years of receiving Essassani wisdom I’d like to suggest to send our Essassani-friends on their planet a gift. For this I need your participation.

Each and everyone of you is invited to send a picture which shows the most beautiful spot in your country. Please include a note or letter with what you’d like to tell them.

I will post a picture and note/letter on a daily basis.

You can send this to

Hope you enjoy!





2 thoughts on “Invitation for Participation

  1. Oh what a glorious idea, Flora! And great to hear from you and EssassaniLibrary!

  2. Hi, Flora! Its nice to hear from you! 🌟 Thakns for the invitation. Still loving EssassaniLibrary

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