Greetings from Salzburg, Austria



Greetings everybody,

There are so many places I like on this planet, I might as well start with Salzburg, Austria where I live:
this is the Unterberg (viewed from the south), a power spot and feature of many legends and folklore.

I feel greatly blessed to have found Bashar and his messages – this has broadened my world-view and changed the quality of my life in ways, I hitherto could not imagine.
So I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Sassani/Shakani people and everyone on planet Earth helping to spread it.

What a wonderful idea to start this initiative; thank you Flora!

Ha’a tu


Greetings from the South of Portugal

sea cave in Algarve, Portugal


Shivai dear Essassanis, from the South of Portugal, which became my new home almost 12 years ago.

I’m very grateful for your sharings which inspired me to create my emigration and since my life has changed immensely.

Thank you for your gift of self empowerment teachings; for your love, your humor, your boldness and your patience to guide and inspire us all.

For guiding us through valleys and mountain tops on our journey of ascension.

I hope that the number of our personal posts will grow and show how our network is spread all over the planet.

That we are able to join each other in appreciation and to explore new avenues.

And with our shared energies we may be able to create a platform to meet with you one day soon!

Ili akhar de mash de mashana





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Greetings from the South West, United States




Dear Essassanni Brothers & Sisters,

My name is David and I welcome your presence here.

The information imparted from Bashar from the Essassanni civilization has been valuable and has helped me to get through some challenging times.

I am open to the idea of having open contact with beings such as yourselves and other benevolently oriented ones.

This picture is of the desert south west in the United States. It has an energy that I enjoy to be in.

Thank you,

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Greetings from Florida, USA



Greetings from the USA.

Thank you for the opportunity to say hello. I would love to communicate directly and meet the Essassani.

The information you have shared with us has helped me tremendously. Really saved my life.

I am grateful to you all.

I didn’t take this photo of the trees in the forrest, but I love places on Earth like this.

I feel good there. I have lived in a forrest before and miss it.

I live in Florida. There is beauty here too.

You are always welcome wherever I am. Love to you.



Greetings from Paris, France




Dear Essassani brothers and sisters,

A picture of Paris, the city where I decided to be born in France: for the Beauty and Freedom.

On the picture my Essassani Contact Crystal, my “ballot” for welcoming You.

More than anything else I love Freedom. “Knowledge is the key to my freedom” was the phrase that guided me.

Of course it is this desire which lead me to discover Bashar and your teachings.

I have the feeling of having something important to do from Paris…. at the same time I know that the task of everyone is important and I wonder if it is my ego who plays it’s game…

If everything could be possible (I know you laugh and I laugh with you) I would really like to have a house in Paris (with a garden) to welcome you for co-creating together and eventually be also a kind of ambassador between you and the humans being who do not know yet your presence with us ….

Wow, what perspective to live this moment of your arrival among us !!

My brothers and sisters, you can hear my commitment, my dreams and my doubts also…..

But one day after another.

For the moment I just continue to follow my path towards more freedom, to seek to live my life through the prism of Beauty and prepare myself to meet you.

Thank you for your love, your support, the sharing of your knowledge and your desire for us to free ourselves.

With Love and Gratitude

Chantal, born Free in Paris