Bashar – The Interestellar Enneagram

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Sept. 26, 2014

In this exciting three-part weekend event, Bashar uses the Interstellar Enneagram to explore the historical, present and future relationship of Earth to various extraterrestrial and interdimensional civilizations including the Anunnaki, Grey, Orion, Reptilian, Pleiadian, Essassani, Sirius, Arcturus and Shalinaya civilizations. Part 1: The Past Interstellar
Enneagrams of the Orion, Anunnaki & Grey civilizations

Q&A includes: How are we working with templates with different civilizations? How does the channel interact with you? Did I make any agreements to work with the Grey civilization? Could you comment more on the two operations I had during an interaction with the Grays? How can we include your teachings in our educational systems? Did I meet you five years ago on a white spherical vessel? How do The Essassani explore the unknown? How will everything change in the fall or 2016? What is happening with Mother Earth? Could you please comment on the intense experience I had at a past Bashar event? How can I enhance my public speaking ability? How was the DNA that the Greys used get here? What are hybrid children? How are they created? What is your civilization’s perspective of suicide? Could you elaborate on the concept of “Old Soul? In a meditative state, I was given a name. What does that mean? What does the Sassani symbol in the enneagram mean? How can I unblock a pain in my right shoulder? What is our purpose in being here? How do we experience change and what is process? What can we do to raise the consciousness in the Middle East? What is your perspective of the concept of “hope?” Could you share a paradox?



One thought on “Bashar – The Interestellar Enneagram

  1. i cant thank you enough i have an attitude of gratitude for you thank you thank you and thank my self 🙂

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