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The Collective Imagination 12th June 2013

Blogtalk radio interview with Darryl Anka (first hour)

Briefly Darryl first shares a bit about himself . . . what the symptoms can be that indicate a frequency change in a ‘reality pocket’ . . . as Bob’s black African American eyes turned blue! . . . Lisa noted that the changes began just before leaving for the desert, as their group intentions were so clear and strong.
Darryl shares what he is seeing externally happening now . . . “the clearer we understand how reality is created, the more we will see it externally “. . . and he is seeing the trains are now leaving in all directions (or new timelines of new realities) . . . therefore, the further apart differing group realities will get now . . . and ultimately we will only experience what reality tracks or pocket what we each chose . . . so make sure you are always acting in your highest passion that will most represent our own truest self (while letting go of all actions that interfere) . . . or think of following your own ‘energetic trail’ . . . where synchronicity increases and seemingly magical things increase.
It was very interesting hearing Darryl further share how he interprets some of the things Bashar has said . . . and about his hybrid species . . . also in order to travel “elsewhere”, all they do is change the frequencies of their ships to match where they wish to go” . . . so actually do not go anywhere, distance space-wise.
Towards the end he answers a caller’s question around the steps towards unity . . . what the whole formula is  . . . what ‘the truth’ is and the five laws absolutely universally true for all.
Darryl is working on a Bashar documentary with visual effects (that will help show things most of us cannot see yet that Bashar would like us to see in order help us change our old perceptions of reality).

On the above page you will also find  a transcript of parts of the show.