Bashar – Stretching Your Limits



2 thoughts on “Bashar – Stretching Your Limits

  1. The expected years for landings seem to keep moving foreward, meaning that our collective consciousness seems to be rising slower than expected. Quite disappointing really, especially when Bashar says ‘absolutely’.

    “Q: Okay. Can you say when there will be the first public landing?
    B: You’re welcome. These things are in motion. There are windows of opportunity for wherein shall take place what you would call the true public landings. These are more likely than not to occur between your 1997 and 99th year of your present century rather than your present year. There are already landings from time to time that are witnessed by members of your society, in that context you could say they are public, but we know how you mean that and in terms of something more official, the potential for this is more between your 97 and 99 th year of your present century, and absolutely within this window, by your year of 2011, 2013, this will have occurred as we read the collective energy now of your planet. “

  2. Fascinating! Thank you

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