Amanda L. Harris – Essassani Merging

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Poem by Amanda L. Harris

Beautiful babies sleeping wildly
Mechanic sparks, green slime
Growing slowly, maturing at a fast rate
We Are a New Generation

Parallel realities merging, Zeta eyes e-merging
We are of One Kind, We are of One Mind
Remembering all of who we came here to be
The Experiencer, and the Dream

We are your children, teachers, and your parents, too
We are your lovers, companions–We are You
A blending is occurring
Come dream the dream of New Planet with us
Come dream your planet–your Merkabah, into the star she’s destined to be
Shinning bright, you are the spark of New Earth, you are Her seed

Let us hold hands and merge our realities into One
Your co-creation with Zeta has allowed us to take form
Essassani children upon New Planet are now being born
Through your co-creation with self, you see us within you

A Spark of the Divine,
Being birthed anew
Come play with us in Zeta ships, for you will come face to face with your true self
Grey skin, white skin–a luminescent light
Big dark oval eyes greet you in the night
Looking back at you, your mirror sight

With this knowledge of individual/collective mind, the black oil ensues
As we start to blend, liquid metal we now become
Blending into the Cosmic pool
We know how it feels to be, The One
Source, Divine Spark, Goddess, Void
Come hold hands with us–and let us share One Heart
Planetary leaping with a brand new start.

Essassani Merging© COPYRIGHT 2005 Amanda L. Harris.


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