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Consciousness Mechanics – The Movie (2016)

Not Essassani material but very much in line with what has been shared.

Hope you enjoy.

Consciousness Mechanics: The Movie is a crash course in consciousness. It dissects the basic mechanisms of how the human reality experience operates, and simplifies esoteric concepts like “existence versus nonexistence” in an easy-to-understand, fun way. It also introduces new concepts, such as how and why there seems to be a consensus reality at all. This movie is a 106 minute voyage into the intricate workings of the spacetime illusion, and yet, is a timeless anchor to the reality of right here and right now.

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Elan – Go Inside

Channel: Stephanie Light  (for more info, see her Youtube channel:

In this transmission, Elan comes through and speaks to the collective how we can take advantage of this Quarantine time. Since we are unable to go outside, go inside.

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Elan – Feedback from Your Reality

In this tape, Elan explains that you are Pure Consciousness, expressing yourself in linear terms as a ‘human being’ and actually believe it! That you focus your Consciousness in a series of steps to express and experience your physical life in each and every moment, right NOW, which is truly the only time that exists. Step 1 – You DECIDE who you are. Step 2 – You TRUST in that decision Step 3 – You ACT on that decision.  (transcript available on Elan website).